A1 Automatic Gates Ltd offers a range of Rising Kerbs for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Designed for anti ram prevention – these bollards are also used at airports, government buildings and embassies throughout the UK and ROI.

A1 Automatic Gates Ltd specialise in the planning and the design process, as well as the installation and maintenance of automatic rising kerb systems. We offer state of the art world leading equipment when supplying and installing automatic rising kerbs. There is a number of available different automatic rising kerb systems to choose from and are available from 2000mm wide X 350mm high right up to 5000mm wide X 800mm high and are designed for anti ram raid prevention.

Available with black and yellow stripes incorporated in the design for maximised visibility, the kerbs add a great deal of security to any facility. We also offer a technical support service and also a rapid a response breakdown service in the event of emergencies. This system also provides secure access control and allows the system to be added with extras such as induction loops, traffic lights, proximity readers and keypads etc to suit the requirements of the customer and installation. This system offers the ultimate security prevention to any establishment.

Example of automatic rising kerb system.


The hydraulic automatic kerb / road blocker is the most effective way if preventing unauthorised vehicles from accessing secure facilities it is designed to protect and serve the facility it has been designed for. Designed with the latest safety features in mind it is also manufacture from a heavy gauge steel and is rated to take all road vehicles.

Glasgow: 0141 413 5320
Edinburgh: 0131 3414390

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