Electric and Automatic Gate Servicing

Here at A1 Automatic Gates Ltd we specialise in the service and repair of any make or model of gate automation system throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and  Scotland whether it was originally installed by us or not.

One of the biggest and most common problems we find when attending break downs or repairs is that most gate systems have not been serviced on a regular basis, in most cases they have never been serviced at all.  Please note that gate automation systems are no different from any other common motorised or moving part systems and in turn they need to be maintained regularly to allow the systems to function and operate to full potential.

If your gates and automation system have not been serviced regularly then it’s only a matter of time before breakdowns and problems will start to occur.  We recommend that you make use of our highly trained engineers at A1 Automatic Gates Ltd to service and maintain your gates and gate automation equipment, we also recommend you service your gates and automation system at least once every year to avoid those unwanted costly repairs.

Full system analysis and equipment service.

1. Full system analysis
2. Torque system test and tune
3. Check all cabling for deterioration
4. Grease all hinges/moving parts
5. Top up oils
6. Change batteries in remotes
7. General clean down of full system
8. Safety checks and analysis
9. Full service report

Full Gate Servicing Cost  – £150.00

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